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What is Koi CBD? Leave a comment

What is Koi CBD? Koi CBD is a CBD and cannabis company that makes various CBD and THC products using U.S.-grown hemp. The company started in 2015 and is a member of various CBD organizations, including the Hemp Industries Association and the California Hemp Council. Koi Natural is also part of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable Board of Directors.

What is Koi CBD?


Koi CBD, which is based in Norwalk, California, debuted in 2015. Unfortunately, the company has been involved in a few legal issues since then.


Most recently, in 2019, Koi CBD was sued in a class-action lawsuit alleging fraud. Why? The lawsuit alleges that customers weren’t made aware that Koi CBD products were illegal in the United States based on the way they were labeled and advertised as dietary supplements. The case was dismissed in 2020.

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Another lawsuit from 2019 involved a customer who alleged she was let go from her job after failing a drug test after using a Koi CBD product. The plaintiff is currently in the process of dismissing the case.

FDA warning letters

While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t guarantee the safety or quality of over-the-counter CBD products, it does regulate the market by sending out warning letters to companies that don’t follow FDA rules.

Koi CBD received one of these letters in 2019Trusted Source. On their blog, the company had branded their products as drugs or dietary supplements and claimed they could prevent, treat, or cure certain health conditions — which the FDA prohibits. Since then, the company has taken down the offending content from their website.

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Quality and transparency

Koi CBD claims that their CBD products are manufactured in a facility that’s certified compliant with the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs)Trusted Source. This is great in theory, but we couldn’t verify this claim.

Koi uses the carbon dioxide (CO2) method to extract their CBD. The process uses no solvents, leaving behind no chemicals in the final result. That said, CO2 extraction can leave behind fewer terpenes, which may decrease CBD’s therapeutic effects and potential.

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