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Canna River CBD For Pet Thailand. Our Pet CBD Oil Tinctures are perfect for all dog breeds and felines. Made with Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) and organic MCT oil.

Did you know CBD products works in the same way for pets like humans? We have compiled the latest research & where you can buy pet compliant CBD.

Canna River for Pet CBD tinctures are great for both cats and dogs, and it provides maximum CBD benefits to help your pet.

Drop Proper Canna River Pet directly into your pet’s mouth, in their water, on their food, or onto their treats. This product is great for dogs, cats, horses, and all.

Canna River offers one bottle for any size pet, including dosing information and also containing CBG. This CBD/CBG Pet Tincture aims at potentially .

One bottle for any size pet now including precise dosing information and also containing CBG. Our CBD/CBG Pet Tincture aims at potentially providing maximum pain relief, anti-inflammation, anxiety relief, sleep and more. It’s always best to start on the lower end of dosing, working your way up to understand your pets comfort with the CBD/CBG tincture. The lighter weight the pet, the more susceptible they may be to this product.

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