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blackberry 50-1000mg

Best CBD E-Liquid in 2022 Leave a comment

Best CBD E-Liquid in 2022. Looking for the best CBD E-Liquid that you can currently get? You’ve come to the right place. Today, you’ll learn which CBD vape oils we rate as the best. We rated different CBD vape juices on metrics like:

  1. Transparency of the manufacturer
  2. Taste
  3. Effects
  4. Price, and a few more metrics (which you’ll learn about today)

Best CBD E-Liquid in 2022

Every CBD vape juice on our list has its own strength. Keep reading to find your best CBD vape juice.


WET CBD uses only the finest ingredients bringing a truly THC Free vape with FULL flavor! A brand recognized for their fruity flavors, WET CBD mixes the best ingredients to achieve the ultimate blends. Get WET and taste what’s possible!


WET CBD Blackberry is a pure blackberry blend that never stops bringing the juicy, sweet, and full blackberry flavor. Paired with top of the line Pure CBD Isolate to keep you calm and stress free throughout your day.

Available in:
500mg – 30mL bottle (16.67 mg/ml) 1000mg – 30mL bottle (33.33 mg/ml)

Suggested Use:

Vape as you would your favorite E-Liquids for even distribution of CBD throughout your day. Can be used in any vape device.

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• 30mL Chubby Gorilla
• Serving Size: 1mL (~20 drops) • Servings Per Container: 30
• No THC
• Non Psychoactive
• Hemp Derived
• 99% Pure CBD Isolate
• Made in USA


2. AVIDA – BLUE RAZZ – 30 ml

Blue Razz is bursting with flavor! With each inhale you’ll experience the fruity blend of Juicy Blueberries & Tart, Sweet Blue Raspberries. All while being fused with Avida-Core THC-FREE CBD Isolate that gives you the relief you need. Feed your fascination with Blue Razz. Each draw will leave you salivating for more.

  • Avida Core CBD Isolate – Maximum Purity Pharmaceutical Grade CBD.
  • THC FREE – Non-Psychoactive
  • Non-GMO
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested – Tested for purity and consistency.
  • Graduated Dropper – Simple to use for accurate dosages.
  • Servings per container – 30 Full Droppers.

AVIDA CBD Vape Bottle Size: 30ml

Avida Core CBD Isolate (HEMP Derived), Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Food Grade Propylene Glycol, Natural & Artificial Flavorings.
Keep in a cool dry area is recommended.

Suggested Use:

  • Vape just as you would vape you favorite E-liquid
  • Can be vaped in a Tank or Dripper
  • No special wattage necessary to vape
  • Concentration Per (1) 250mg Dropper
    8.5mg of CBD in 1mL (1ml = 1 Full Dropper)
    Approximately 0.42mg of CBD per Drop
  • Concentration Per (1) 500mg Dropper
    17mg of CBD in 1mL (1ml = 1 Full Dropper)
    Approximately 0.85mg of CBD per Drop
  • Concentration Per (1) 1000mg Dropper
    34mg of CBD in 1mL (1ml = 1 Full Dropper)
    Approximately 1.7mg of CBD per Drop
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3. Koi CBD Vape Juice
Koi CBD Vape OilAnother one of the few trustworthy CBD vape oil suppliers, Koi CBD is an American CBD vape oil producer, who until recently just produced vape oils: it was their specialty.

Koi CBD was a few years ago, the only CBD vape oil supplier that provided full lab analysis for their vape oil that showed their CBD vape juice was completely clean of residual solvents, heavy metals, and other potential contaminants.

And although many CBD vape oil manufacturers have caught up with providing results of independently conducted 3rd-party lab-tests, Koi CBD can always pride itself on being one of the first doing exactly that and helping to set the standard today.

But Koi CBD’s transparency and dedication to quality control and setting standards wasn’t the only reason why we always rated Koi CBD so high in the past…

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Koi CBD vape oil was always producing noticeable effects when it came to how we test CBD oils:

How the oil affects sleep;
How the oil effects inflammation/pain after a demanding workout, and;
How well it decreases my tendency to get irritated on a bad day.
Fast forward to today and Koi CBD still provides the same quality as when we first tested their CBD vape oil, 2 years ago.

But here comes the catch:

Koi CBD had 2 years to innovate and add at least a CBD vape juice with infused terpenes. Instead what they did was broaden their assortment with other CBD products that don’t necessarily bring anything special or unique to the table.

However, we still rate Koi CBD vape juice as one of the best CBD juices you can get, just not the absolute best anymore.


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