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Possible Side Effects of CBD for Sleep Leave a comment

Possible Side Effects of CBD for Sleep. One reason why CBD is such a great natural sleep aid is its relative lack of side effects. Unlike many other sleep aids, it is not addictive and won’t cause withdrawal symptoms if you stop using it. However, some people do experience the following minor side effects when using CBD oil for sleep.

Possible Side Effects of CBD for Sleep

Dry Mouth

CBD interacts with your salivary glands, and sometimes it makes them less productive. You may not notice this if you only take CBD oil for sleep in the evening. However, some people do wake up thirsty after taking CBD because of the dry mouth it causes.

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If this is becoming a problem with you, ask your doctor about mouth rinses to increase saliva production. Using one before bedtime may help counteract the effects of CBD and ward off dry mouth. You may also want to try reducing your dose a little. Taking less CBD may allow you to enjoy the sleep-promoting benefits without the dry mouth as a side effect.

If you’re taking full-spectrum CBD, try switching to a pure CBD product. The terpenes in full-spectrum CBD cause dry mouth in some people.

Possible Side Effects of CBD for Sleep

Morning Grogginess

CBD does not usually cause morning grogginess. However, many CBD oil for sleep products are formulated with melatonin, which can cause you to feel groggy the next day, particularly if you take too much.

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If you’re feeling groggy in the morning after taking CBD, try switching to a product that does not contain melatonin. You might also want to try taking your CBD oil a little earlier. For instance, if you’re taking it a half hour before bed right now, try taking it 90 minutes before bed instead. Also, moving away from a full-spectrum CBD product to a pure CBD product may help in some cases.


Do you ever feel nauseous after taking your CBD? This is most common with CBD oils and happens less often with gummies and other products. So, the first option for combating nausea is switching from CBD oils to gummies.

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You may also want to try taking your CBD with a snack. Something high in fat, like a piece of cheese, will help your body absorb the CBD more effectively while also settling your stomach.

If you lay down right after taking CBD oil for sleep, that could be why you’re feeling nauseous. Instead, try sitting up in bed for a few minutes after taking your CBD product.

Possible Side Effects of CBD for Sleep


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