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Where Can I Buy CBD? CBD has become one of the most popular natural remedies available in the Bangkok Pattaya, Pucket, Chiang Mai, Huahin Thailand. Thanks in part to its versatility and in part to its subtle effects, users enjoy the benefits of CBD for a range of ailments and recreational reasons.

Where Can I Buy CBD?

With its non-hallucinogenic effects and legal status in the Thailand, CBD can be found in many different varieties and sold by even more retailers. From online stores such as to local high street supermarkets, it’s hard not to come across the calming cannabinoid on a daily shopping trip.

So where can one find cannabidiol in the Thailand, and what forms is it available in? Below we outline just a few of the retailers that have cottoned on to the popularity of CBD. Many have adapted it to the wares and food they sell, whilst others have focused on finding the most direct method of application. From CBD vape juice Thailand to prescription medication, here are the main ways that retailers utilise the ever adaptable CBD.

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Whilst shops that sell vape liquids predominantly focus on your standard nicotine variety, you’ll also be able to find CBD e-liquids at some retailers. Vape shops can be found on almost every high street. Capitalising on the smoking cessation trend that has seen many people swap tobacco for a healthier alternative. CBD e-liquids can be bought just as readily as normal vape liquids, with the standard age restrictions being strictly regulated. These shops may also sell dry herb vaporisers such as the PAX 2 ad 3, which give users the ability to safely enjoy organic CBD straight from the cannabis plant. However, you usually won’t find loose leaf CBD sold at vape shops.


Online retailers provide an easy way to buy individual CBD vape products and often have a more versatile range than physical shops. There’s also more choice of concentrations, flavours and accessories on websites such as Furthermore, eCommerce businesses selling vape supplies and CBD products often offer wholesale services, which provide physical retailers with even better value for money and profit margins.

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Whilst hemp shops offer a broad range of eclectic hemp-based products and wellness focussed accessories, CBD edibles Thailand, loose-leaf and supplements are becoming ever more popular at these unique and often vibrant high street stores.


Amongst the linseed bread and omega supplements, health focussed food shops are beginning to integrate CBD into their products. Whilst CBD concentrate supplements are often available here, you can find vitamins and tablets that fuse CBD with other revitalising nutrients and vitamins. From Omega 3 to witch-hazel, CBD can be used in tandem with other products, whether they be in cream, oil or supplement form.

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Mental illnesses such as insomnia, ADHD and anxiety are beginning to prescribe CBD as a symptom reliever. Physical illnesses such as arthritis and psoriasis too, are prescribing it. Naturally then, you’ll find cannabidiol being sold at pharmacies both over the counter and with a doctors note.


Whilst you won’t find pure CBD being sold in UK cafes, there are many baked goods, coffees and cold drinks that infuse CBD oils into their ingredients. These are not only for enjoying the wellness benefits of the terpene, but also the herby taste, which can elevate the flavour notes of even the weakest of filter coffees at free robux no human verification or survey 2021.

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