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How to Use Vape Pen for CBD and THC

How to Use Vape Pen for CBD and THC Leave a comment

How to Use Vape Pen for CBD and THC. Vaping has become the acceptable alternative to smoking tobacco. In the past few years there has been much written about vape mods, vape pens and the e-liquids that are vaped by many users, plus plenty of confusion about the legality and safety of these products.

How to Use Vape Pen for CBD and THC

What is certain is that vaping is far safer than smoking tobacco as there are none of the risks from the carcinogens involved, and that many people vape instead of smoking.


There is also some controversy about certain substances that are vaped, in particular those known as CBD. and THC What we’re here to talk about is the vape pen, and how to use it with each of these substances, and we will also look at why it may be controversial.

Different Types of Vape Pen

vape pen is a simple device that is discreet and shaped like a pen. It is used to vape liquids and other substances. Each has a battery which powers an atomizer, plus a reservoir in which the vape oil goes. The battery heats the atomizer, which vaporizes the oil – that is essentially it!

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There are rechargeable vape pens, which can be used over and over again, and disposable models designed for one off use, which are cheap and easy to use. There are also two distinct types of operation, these being:

Push-button: with this type of vape pen you need to push a button to switch on the battery and heat the atomizer. This usually requires several short pushes. You can find them with adjustable voltage too, and some have a pre-heat option for easier use.

Draw-operated: this type of vape pen starts to work the instant you place it between your lips and draw on it as you would a cigarette. They are remarkably simple to use, but they do not come with voltage adjustability so are always at the same level.

Vaping with CBD

CBD – cannabidiol – is another of the compounds found in cannabis. The difference is that you will not get the high from a CBD product as, in order to be legally sold and used in the USA, it must have minute or no THC content. People use CBD for recreational purposes – you may not get high, but you will feel the relaxing and soothing effects – and others for medical purposes.

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CBD is known to help with chronic pain, with sleep disorders and with anxiety and depression and there is research going on into various other areas of medicine in which it may be of benefit.


Vaping with THC

Many people use a vape pen as an alternative to smoking a joint. There are many THC oils that you can use, often referred to as weed oils, and you can also buy attachments for some vape pens that will allow you to vape actual weed, although this is not the most effective method so we recommend you look for dedicated weed oil from a reliable supplier.

If you’re not sure whether you want to vape THC or CBD, you might need to understand the difference, so we’ll look at THC first. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol. This is, along with CBD, one of more than 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant. THC is the psychoactive element of cannabis, the compound that gives you the high you are looking for.

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In Summary

Whether you want to vape CBD or THC oils you can do so using a vape pen, and each is vaped in the same way as the other. Choosing your vape pen is something you should take care over as there are many options, and most retailers will tell you that a push-button model is the better choice as you then have the adjustable voltage which can be useful.

Check the legality of THC in your state before you set out to vape those products and stay the right side of the law and enjoy your vaping whichever you choose to use.


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