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The Nilla

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About Putting CBD On Your Skin. The argument could be made that CBD has effectively replaced THC as the most famous three-letter acronym associated with cannabis at the moment. But let’s not get the two mixed up. CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the compounds found in cannabis plants.

Hemp and marijuana both belong to the cannabis plant family, and while they have their differences (more on that later!), CBD can be derived from either. The other compound found in cannabis plants is THC. THC gets you high, but CBD doesn’t. Not even close.

It’s everywhere: body lotion, bath salts, supplements, sleep aids, even dog food (seriously). And don’t get me started on CBD in skin care.

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With all that said, you probably don’t need another article touting the purported benefits of CBD oil for your skin (though, sure, I’ll cover the basics). Instead, here’s the stuff about CBD that no one else is telling you — from sourcing to social impact to financial practices — straight from industry insiders. If you’re thinking of working CBD into your beauty routine, read this first.


The childhood birthday party favorite of white sheet cake is a delightful flavor memory captured by The Nilla CBD Vape Juice from Eclipse! Formulated with Elysian Labs, one of the first e-liquid producers in Southern California since 2013, The Nilla CBD Vape Juice from Eclipse is a tasty and mellow way to get your daily CBD. Easy to use with any vape hardware, this sweet and creamy vanilla flavor will set your taste buds tingling and satisfy the most avid dessert fan.

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Made from hemp grown under the Colorado Department of Agriculture, this 99% pure CBD isolate is exactly the thing to help you experience the awesome nutritive effects of CBD oil. CBD isolate is a compound found in hemp that may potentially alleviate inflammation and nourish your body with all the other goodies found in the plant. Looking for fast effects? There’s no better way to achieve that that than with this high-quality vape oil. While edibles and tinctures need to be absorbed through the digestive system, and topicals through the skin, vaporized CBD enters the bloodstream almost immediately through the tissues in the lungs. Within moments, you’ll feel the effects of the yummy vapor created by Eclipse’s CBD The Nilla Vape Juice!

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Ingredients: US Hemp derived CBD Isolate; Vegetable Glycerin; Propylene Glycol; Natural and Artificial Flavors.


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