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What Are Your Options For Vaping CBD?

What Are Your Options For Vaping CBD? Leave a comment

What Are Your Options For Vaping CBD? In 2018, cannabidiol was legalised for both recreational and medical use in the UK. From medical research to heat not burn products, CBD led to massive changes in the vaping industry and has seen a whole host of other creative applications. You can walk down any high street nowadays and find CBD coffees and vape shops selling CBD e-liquids side by side with IQOS AC power adapters.

What Are Your Options For Vaping CBD?

The changes have been tremendous, especially in the vaping industry, where e-liquid companies have started to explore the possibilities of CBD infused products. From flavoured variants to original hemp flavours, there’s a lot to enjoy for the everyday vaper as well.

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The question is, which method of CBD vaping is right for you? This blog will explore the various technical choices, flavour ranges and devices that those who want to enjoy heat not burn CBD can try, and which option might hit your sweet spot.


CBD e-liquids are comprised of the same ingredients as normal e-liquids, just with a lack of nicotine and the addition of cannabidiol. These e-liquids are packaged in much the same way as smoking cessation e-liquids and usually contain a 50/50 PG/VG balance of base compounds.


Many vape liquids containing CBD focus less on the more creative flavours of nicotine e-liquids, and more on authentic hemp flavours. These might include a hint of lemon or zesty orange, alongside full on hemp flavour vape liquids.

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Vape liquids containing CBD need to have a choice of concentrations. CBD e-liquids usually contain somewhere between 100 mg and 1500 mg, sometimes even going higher than that. The choice you make for concentration strength should be up to you. Try and test a few types before settling, your tolerance to CBD will vary from other people.


Most vape devices support CBD vape liquids. The best devices for vaping CBD are lower-powered variable mods or simple vape pens, best enjoyed using the mouth to lung vaping style vapejuicedepot ripevapes, which will let you savour the rich taste of CBD liquids.

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Straight from the source, CBD buds come in many shapes and sizes. These organic extracts are tasty and potent, whilst also smelling great.


There are many different strains of CBD buds, and these might come with different potencies too. From lemon haze to silver haze, the differences are subtle, but you’ll soon find your favourite.

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