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How long does CBD stay in your body?

How long does CBD stay in your body? Leave a comment

How long does CBD stay in your body? Most Americans know at least a little about CBD, with 85% telling Quartz that they are familiar with the product. About 20% of those who know what it is have also tried it. Still, as new as our country is to the widespread, legal use of CBD, it is fair to assume that a very small percentage of people have a comprehensive knowledge of this hemp-derived product. Heck, I’m still learning new things about it every day.

How long does CBD stay in your body?

This has left a lot of people with questions, and even some poorly informed misconceptions. From whether or not it will get you high, if it is safe to vape, or if you will fail a drug test, people aren’t sure where to turn for reliable information on CBD and that sucks. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know about how long CBD will stay in your system.

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What research says about how long CBD stays in the body
There isn’t a ton of research on how long CBD stays in your system after it is consumed, which isn’t at all surprising considering this is the norm with many topics surrounding hemp-based products. One research study, published nearly 30 years ago in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, estimated that the half-life of CBD was somewhere between two and five days.

Not nearly as ancient (but still wildly outdated) research from Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in 2005 reported both THC and CBD levels in the body at different times after use. The longest amount of time they found CBD still in the system of participants was when they tested at 9 hours after consumption.

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How long will CBD remain detectable in urine?
The previously mentioned research looked at cannabidiol and the length of time it remained in the blood. This research doesn’t apply to how long CBD can be detected in urine after use. One 2016 study tested a participant’s urine over the course of a day and published the results in the Journal of Pain Research. They found that CBD was only detected in urine over a 24-hour period.

How long does CBD stay in your body?

Of course, it is worth noting that drug tests are looking for THC, not CBD, so even if it is still present in your urine at the time a drug test, it won’t matter. The only caveat to this would be if the cannabidiol product ingested contained THC, then you just might have a problem.

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What determines CBD’s longevity in your body?
Given that people react differently to CBD and its effects, it is safe to assume that how long it is present in the body could vary from person to person. This means that gender, body weight, metabolism, and how often you use cannabidiol could potentially affect how long it remains in your system.

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