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What is Hemp? Hemp is the Plant King

What is Hemp? Hemp is the Plant King Leave a comment

What is Hemp? Hemp is the Plant King. Hemps, also known as cannabis sativa, are natural plants that are of the same species as Marijuana. They originated from central Asia and slowly started to spread to other countries like the eastern parts of Asia, India, and Europe. Due to the difference in cultures between these countries, Hemps have evolved into various kinds of species. The Thai species focuses on developing the fiber of Hemps to be strong and of the highest quality. It also has tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, which has little effect on your nervous system.

When Hemps were first found in the 1100s in India, they were originally used to cure diseases. Sometime after this, however, Europe and America used Hemps to make Marijuana. Marijuana is an addictive drug that tricks and deceives the mind, so governments had to pass laws that strictly controlled the planting of Hemps. It has also been discovered that the fiber from Hemps were used to make the cloth that was used to wrap mummies. The fiber from Hemps were very strong, it was great for protecting against bacteria, fungus, and dust mites. It could also maintain the temperature of things wrapped inside, all these attributes assured that the mummy who be preserved in a perfect condition.

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What is Hemp? Hemp is the Plant King

The Mhong people in Thailand have been associated and used Hemps for a very long time. It is a plant that is connected to their culture and tradition. Almost every aspect of their daily lives involves Hemps. The clothing, hammock, and blankets are only some of the things used by Mhong people that are made from Hemp fiber. Besides this, Mhong people also use Hemps to do business. When Mhong people are old they make special clothes from Hemp fiber, which they will wear when the pass away because they believe that this will send them to heaven. As you can see, Hemps have been a very important part of Mhong people’s lives and they still are today.

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What is Hemp? Hemp is the Plant King. Nowadays, the species of Hemps and Marijuana have been clearly divided in different groups. Marijuana are planted for the use of their leaves. Hemps, on the other hand, are planted for the use of their fiber. Hemp fiber is considered to be sticky, strong, and can be used for a long time. Today, Hemp fiber are used to make many different products like paper, textile, rope, and clothing. Research shows that Hemp fiber produced in the Northern parts of Thailand are the best in the world.

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