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CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridges What’s the difference?

CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridges What’s the difference? Leave a comment

CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridges What’s the difference? If you couldn’t tell from all the signage at your local corner shop, CBD is in everything now. At least it seems that way.

CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridges What’s the difference?

The cannabis community has been enjoying the benefits of vaping CBD for years, and considering that CBD-dominant products (ones that contain less than 0.3% THC) are now legal, it makes sense that CBD is making a big impact in the vape juice market.

Vape juice is the liquid used in electronic vaping devices. These devices are often referred to as a vape pen, battery, or mod. Traditionally, vape juice is infused with flavoring and nicotine, and it is often used to help people avoid smoking tobacco products.

Two types of cannabis, same CBD
The CBD oil you buy from a licensed cannabis shop comes from a different type of cannabis plant than the CBD you find in vape juice. The pot shop CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant we all know, that is referred to as marijuana.

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The CBD found in vape juice is derived from hemp. Hemp is the preferred plant for infusion because cannabis plants containing less than 0.3% THC can be grown, processed, and infused into products without the legal restrictions surrounding products high in THC—hemp meets that criteria.

Additives in vape juice
In its pure form, CBD will not dissolve in water—which really makes you think about what goes into making CBD water. When it comes to vaping, something needs to be added to help CBD become viscous enough to properly function in a vape system.

Vape juice is predominantly made up of vegetable glycerine (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). These compounds dissolve the CBD, bind to it, and make it viscous enough so it can flow to a heat source for vaporization.

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Additives in cannabis oil
VG and PG are also sometimes used in cannabis oil cartridges. Like I mentioned above, CBD is a solid. So, if you buy a vape cartridge that says it is 97% CBD and there is a viscous liquid inside the cartridge, VG or PG is most likely being used.

VG and PG are not included in any of the percentages you see on the label. They are only mentioned in the ingredients, so that 97% is a little misleading.

Those percentages refer to the cannabis oil, not the final mixture that includes VG or PG. If the cart is 97% CBD, the remaining 3% is referencing other cannabis compounds, like terpenes—not VG or PG.

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CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridges What’s the difference?

Voltage matters
Batteries designed for vape juice are a lot stronger than batteries for cannabis vape cartridges. If the voltage is not adjusted, batteries designed for vape juice can cause cannabis cartridges to malfunction or cause you personal injury.

As a budtender, my standard advice to customers was simple: If you are vaping a cannabis oil cartridge, use a battery that was designed for it; if you are consuming vape juice, vape it from a battery that was designed for it.

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