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Canna River Delta 8 Tincture. Canna River Delta 8 THC Tincture Oil – Lemon Raspberry 2500mg 60ml offers delicious relaxation. This tincture features a lemon raspberry flavor that is both tart and fresh.

Canna River, a CBD company based in Thousand Oaks, California, is making a reputation for its focus on high-quality CBD products at the lowest possible price. Using lab-tested CBD made solely from hemp grown in the USA, Canna River offers tinctures, body lotion, balms, and pre-rolls, with more products currently in development.

Canna River Delta 8 Tincture

Cutting through the noise within the oversaturated Hemp and CBD marketspace, Canna River is dedicated to providing our consumers with trusted products at incredible prices! Our collection of Hemp and CBD products for sale are designed with our customers in mind. Our passion and dedication to providing the highest quality, yet affordable CBD and Hemp products to our consumers is what drives us. At Canna River visit THEDETOXCENTER, our products can be used for a multitude of holistic applications.

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“Looking for something on the stronger side? Canna River’s Delta 8 Lemon Raspberry tincture is just for you! Whether you are looking for relief from a stressful day at the job, searching for inspiration in your art, or just want to feel good with your buddies, our Delta 8 products are an amazing option. The Delta 8 distillate we utilize in our products is sourced from the highest-grade hemp and is compliant with the 2018 Farm ACT. Additionally, these products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.”

As for dosage with any of our products, we recommend customers start out small and work their way up to higher doses. Our tincture is in a 60ml bottle at about 2500mg of Delta 8. This would mean each milliliter is about 41.6 milligrams of delta 8, which we usually recommend starting with about half a dropper.

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Simply fill dropper with desired dose and drip under the tongue. Let rest for 30 seconds and then swallow. Effects usually kick in within 30min – 2 hours and can last up to 8 hours.

For those who want a no-frills high-strength sublingual liquid — try Canna River CBD Tincture – Natural 60ml. This tincture is flavorless and made with broad-spectrum hemp extract, natural terpenes, and organic MCT oil. It doesn’t get purer than this. Go natural.


  • 2500mg of delta 8 THC per bottle, or ~42mg per 1mL
  • Less than 0.3% delta 9 THC
  • Relaxes you effectively and deliciously

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, 2500mg Delta 8 THC hemp extract, food-grade flavoring, and sucralose.

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