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Can CBD oil help your pets? Leave a comment

Can CBD oil help your pets? With medical cannabis laws being remarkably different from state to state in the United States, some states that have been targeting medical marijuana as medicine may also take the same stance with CBD, even though it’s a part of the cannabis plant that will not get you high. Products marketed as CBD contains no THC, or very trace amounts, and legally can be transported over state lines.

Just like their human friends, our beloved pets can suffer from anxiety, chronic joint pain and epilepsy. My first dog, a poodle, took seizures on a weekly basis as she got older, and years later as my boxer aged into her 14th year the pain in her hips and joints made her whine into the evening hours. What’s painful to our pets is also very painful for us.

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And as some people find that CBD supplements and oil –– in beverages or drops or gummies – ease our way through rush-hour, cut down on brain fog and help calm that nagging back ache, scientists are beginning to find that in the right dosage CBD may also help our furry friends. But you don’t have to guess. There are companies that formulate CBD for pets online.

Can CBD oil help your pets?

If you have ever been to a dispensary you will find that CBD can come in a range of very creative products, starting from simple oil drops to health drinks and candies like gummy bears. And if you search online you can find a range of CBD for pets near you. Or ask a vet near you.

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With the advice of an expert, pets can consume CBD oil in their morning food, just like you would you sprinkle the spirulina to clean your dog’s teeth; but some pets, cats especially are very suspicious of any kind of food tampering so special CBD pet products for dogs and cats can be found. They look like cat and dog treats and taste like meat –– great if you don’t want to experiment or figure out dosing.

If you are interested in science-backed medicine there are some new studies on toxicology and the effects of CBD or cannabidiol on pet health. This 2018 study found that CBD could help pets with arthritis (osteoarthritis – OA). The researchers concluded that 2 mg/kg of CBD twice daily can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with OA. And a 2019 study showed that CBD helped reduce seizures in dogs. Currently it is not known what are the range of health effects of CBD on pets so parents who are medicating their pets should do it under supervision. To play it safe, ask your vet.

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The FDA has not approved CBD for any use in animals. Like any natural supplement you can buy at the health store and which is untested, the FDA recommends pet owners talk with their veterinarians about supplements used on pets.


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