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3 Ways to Know if a Delta 8 Product is Fake or Not Leave a comment

3 Ways to Know if a Delta 8 Product is Fake or Not. One thing that you need to watch out for in this ever-growing market is fake delta 8. Yes, fake delta-8 is out there, and sadly it can dupe those who are unfamiliar with the market, and even some experienced users on an off day. But, how can you even tell whether or not the delta 8 that you’re planning on buying is actually high in quality?

Ways to Know if a Delta 8 Product is Fake or Not?

First, we need to explain why fake delta 8 is allowed on the market in the first place. Delta 8 THC is a new addition to the hemp market, and there is such growing demand for it that sketchy companies are trying to cash in on its popularity by producing fake products that come with big profits.

Here some simple signs/tips that will ensure that you do not make the mistake of buying delta 8 that isn’t actually, well, delta 8.

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#1: No Contact Information

Any company that does not have any contact information on their product label or website is a company that should be completely avoided. With no contact information, the company does not have to worry about hearing from angry customers. It’s beyond standard practice for a hemp company to have some form of customer service that can answer any questions from consumers and address potential issues with orders. With no contact information, you can guess that the company is trying to hide from the public.

At minimum, a hemp company selling delta 8 should have an email that you can use to contact them. This should be visible on their website. Ideally, there should also be a phone number and the name of the town or city in which they operate. This lack of information can also indicate that the company is not actually certified, and therefore is selling delta 8, or fake delta 8, illegally. With no contact information, there is no way to verify that they are actually licensed to make delta 8 products.

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#2: No or Minimal Online Presence

Hemp companies that produce delta 8 take pride in their work, and want to attract as many customers as possible to their business. Therefore, legitimate brands have a very thorough website with plenty of information, along with social media pages, an email list and more.

If you find a delta 8 product from a company and notice that they have next to no online presence, this should raise a red flag. Why wouldn’t a company trying to make their mark in such a highly competitive marketplace not want to advertise their products as widely as possible? Could it because this would increase their chances of being found out as a fake business? Social media pages allow users to comment, and a company that sells fake products would be flooded with negative comments all over their various platforms.

Basically, only stick with companies that have a clear, open and honest sense of communication with their customers online. The more visible they are, the better.

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#3: A Label Lacking Information

Delta 8 companies should strive to offer the necessary information on their product labels, including the milligram strength, list of ingredients and directions for use. Now, if any of this information is lacking, this likely means that the company does not want you to know something about their formula.

Another thing we have seen in rarer instances is a company making a full-on counterfeit of a popular delta 8 product made by a real brand, with fake delta 8 inside. The best way to tell is to compare the potentially fake label with the real one – if there is some difference in content, design, or font, you know it’s a fake.

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